The Search
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«The Search or The dust coloured skies over Udachny» tells of the life of a small town in Yakutia. It is a lyrical documentary encounter, a multifaceted portrait of a settlement at the back of beyond, some 10,000 kilometres by road from Moscow, which owes its existence solely to its diamond-rich soil, but which has its own story, and which over the years has left its mark on the people living there.

Text by Urs Mannhart
14 posters in a paper sleeve
German & English
Limited to 112 copies


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The Search

Text extracts

  • It all began in 1954 when Larissa Popugayeva, a scientist with an interest in geology, took an adventurous trip to Yakutia along with a dog and a colleague and discovered diamonds.

  • While a few seize upon a job, many more have a job thrust upon them. Others still, even from thousands of kilometres away, respond to the lure of regular high wages and let themselves be uprooted from distant towns, villages and seemingly enchan-ted regions, enticed away from such places as the Altay mountains of Russia, where magnificent forests stretch right up to the rugged crags and their glacier tongues, where wild animals roam, where everything breathes in harmony with the rhythm of the days.

The Search
The Search
The Search
The Search
The Search
The Search


  • 14 posters 480 x 330 mm
    folded size 240 x 160 mm, in a paper sleeve
    Published by: Efa, Zurich
    Photography: Beat Schweizer
    Texts: Urs Mannhart
    Design: Vinzenz Meyner
    Printed by: Tanner Druck, Langnau
    Number of copies: 112

  • Publication:
    February 7, 2021

    CHF 32.–

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