Kunst zu Hause IV

11.10.2023 |I am pleased to announce that my series All Things Considered will be shown at Kunst zu Hause IV! See here for more details.

Kunst zu Hause IV


  • Bieler Fototage

    Bieler Fototage

    05.05.2023 | I am happy to show the Series All Things Considered at Biel/Bienne Festival of photography!

  • BelleVue Basel

    BelleVue Basel

    01.09.2022 | Happy to be part of the open-air exhibition Wiedersehen in Basel. See here for more information.

  • Exhibition


    31.08.2021 | The Search will be shown at Gallery ZET2 (Zwischnenutzung) in the Old Town of Bern. See here for more details.

    Hope to see you there!

    Vernissage: 9. September 2021
    Finnisage with a reading by Urs Mnnhart: 14. October 2021

    ZET2, Münstergasse 43, 3011 Bern

  • All Things Considered

    All Things Considered

    05.07.2021 | My new publication All Things Considered is availabe now! See here for more info!

  • Exposition Format

    Exposition Format

    13.05.2020 | I am thrilled to be part of this open-air exhibition among many great photographers. Click here or here for more information.

  • New York City

    New York City

    19.02.2020 | My family and I will be living in New York City for the coming 14 months. (Took this photo the last time I was in the USA in 1996 as a 14-year-old boy). You can contact me on my US mobile phone at +1 347 248 7792.

  • Werkbuch


    23.12.2019 | My Book «Mikhailovna Called» was support by the WERK-BUCH / OEUVRE D'ARTISTE grant of the Canton of Bern. The book is shown among the other supported publications at the Centre PasquArt in the frame of the Cantonale Berne Jura in Biel until 19.01.2020.

  • Deutscher Fotobuchpreis

    Deutscher Fotobuchpreis

    02.12.2019 | Very happy to announce that I received a Silver Medal at the «Deutsche Fotobuchpreis» for my book «Mikhailovna Called». Thanks to everyone involved!

  • SOON Gallery

    SOON Gallery

    12.11.2019 | Mikhailovna Called will be shown at SOON Gallery in Bern. Opening this Thursday 14.11.2019 at 18.00. More information here.

  • Paris Photo

    Paris Photo

    04.11.2019 | I’ll be signing my book «Mikhailovna Called» this Friday 08.11.2019, 2 PM at Paris Photo. Find me at the Kehrer Verlag booth SE7. Hope to see you there!

  • Instagram


    11.09.2019 | I jumped on the bandwagon! You can follow me on Instagram here.

  • SBB


    23.08.2019 | I was assigned to shoot images for the corporate identity of the Swiss Federal Railways SBB. See the pictures here.

  • Almanach Fotografie

    Almanach Fotografie

    13.06.2019 | Honored to be featured in the «Berner Almanach Fotografie ». Book launch and exhibition at Terrain on 19th of June. Order the book here.

  • GWJ | Gangloff

    GWJ | Gangloff

    25.04.2019 | I was assigned by GWJ Architects to photograph the Gangloff Area in Bern before its transformation into an urban housing site.

  • Berner Zeitung

    Berner Zeitung

    11.04.2018 | Article in the daily newspaper Berner Zeitung about Mikahailvova Called.

  • Swiss Press Photo Award

    Swiss Press Photo Award

    02.04.2019 | I am delighted to announce that I received the third prize at Swiss Press Photo Award (Category World) with the series Mikhailovna Called.

  • Der Bund

    Der Bund

    23.03.2018 | Interview in the daily newspaper Der Bund about Mikhailovna Called. See the article here.

  • Foto Wien

    Foto Wien

    18.03.2019 | I am thrilled that my book Mikhailovna Called will be shown at Foto Wien.

  • Exhibition at FOCALE

    Exhibition at FOCALE

    28.02.2019 | Very excited to announce that Mikahilovna Called will be exhibited form 17.03-05.05 2019 at FOCALE galerie – librairie in Nyon. Vernissage: 16.03.2019 at 18.00.

  • Washington Post

    Washington Post

    01.02.2019 | Mikhailovna Called in the Washington Post.

  • NZZ am Sonntag

    NZZ am Sonntag

    20.01.2019 | Eight pages in NZZ am Sonntag about Mikahilovna Called.

  • Book Launch

    Book Launch

    11.12.2018 | I am very excited to announce the launch of my first book «Mikhailovna Called». COALMINE, Winterthur, 20.12.2018, more information and the possibility to preorder signed copies can be found here and here.

  • Exhibition at COALMINE

    Exhibition at COALMINE

    09.10.2018 | I am very happy to announce the exhibition «Anzeichen der Verlässlichkeit» at COALMINE, Forum für Dokumentarfotografie.

    Vernissage: 18.10.2018
    Book launch: 20.12.2018

    See here or here for more information.

    Hope to see you there.

  • Crowdfunding


    23.09.2018 | I started a crowdfunding campaign to supplement the funds for my first monograph «Michailovna hat angerufen». If you are interested in supporting the project you can preorder a copy of the book here.

  • Talk at Fotozentrum

    Talk at Fotozentrum

    10.09.2018 | Guided tour and talk about the exhibition at Fotobibliothek in der Passage. This Wednesday, 12.09.2018, 18.00, Fotozentrum, Winterthur.

  • Exhibition


    25.05.2018 | Fotozentrum, Winterthur | Fotobibliothek in der Passage

    Exhibition 1st of June – 14th of October 2018

    My previous publications and my newest Project Michailovna hat angerufen are shown in a dialogue with the books from Sputnik Photos at the Fotozentrum in Winterthur. See here for more information.

  • Norilsk 2018

    Norilsk 2018

    28.03.2018 | In Norilsk to continue my work until 8th of April 2018.

  • Via


    05.03.2018 | Boxer Aniya Seki for Via Magazine.

  • Hochparterre | NZZ Folio

    Hochparterre | NZZ Folio

    20.12.2017 | New work for Hochparterre and NZZ Folio.

  • Norilsk | Dudinka

    Norilsk | Dudinka

    13.12.2017 | Back from a very short trip to Dudinka and Norilsk.I was invited to open the exhibition «Dikson/An der Frostgrenze» in Dudinka. Used the chance to work a few days in Norilsk. Thanks to the Embassy of Switzerland in Russia and everybody who helped me in Dudinka and Norilsk for the support. Photo: Leonid Pryadko

  • Monocle


    07.11.2017 | Criminal Justice Centre Muttenz for Monocle.

  • NZZ Geschichte

    NZZ Geschichte

    07.11.2017 | «Der Stille Hort der Anarchie» for NZZ Geschichte.

  • Museum für Kommunikation

    Museum für Kommunikation

    28.08.2017 | Book for Museum für Kommunikation Bern. In collaboration with the writer Urs Mannhart. Art Direction by B&R You can order the book here.

  • EDA | Macedonia

    EDA | Macedonia

    18.08.2017 | I was commissioned by the Embassy of Switzerland in Macedonia to photograph projects of the «Swiss Cooperation Programme». See the photographs here. To find out more about Switzerlands international cooperation in Macedonia see here.

  • Norilsk


    30.06.2017 | In Norilsk until July 22nd to continue my work about the Russian north, hoping it will be less cold than in February. In urgent cases please send a message to +41 76 400 78 64 or call me at +7 910 446 10 64.

  • HV


    15.06.2017 | Portraits for Hinderling Volkart. By the way: They created this website.

  • Macedonia


    19.04.2017 | In Macedonia working on a commission until May 8th.

  • Exhibition


    17.04.2017 | Photographs of my Series «Dikson/An der Frostgrenze» were acquired by the art collection of Teo Jakob in 2014. The photographs will be shown at Generationen Haus in Bern in the frame of «Kunst und Design im Dialog». See here for more details.

  • umsicht – regards – sguardi 2017

    umsicht – regards – sguardi 2017

    22.03.2017 | The Swiss society of engineers and architects (sia) is awarding the «umsicht – regards – sguardi» price tonight. I was commissioned by sia to photograph the winning projects. The exhibition will be launched tonight at Landesmuseum and then tour around Switzerland and neighboring countries in a traveling exhibition. More information can be found here.

  • Norilsk


    17.02.2017 | Back from the trip to Norilsk. Thank you to everyone who kindly helped us, we hope to visit the northernmost city of the world this summer again, to continue the project about Russian north. Photo: Leonid Pryadko

  • RSF


    23.11.2016 | Delighted to see the Series PMR / Ungefestigte Ufer in the latest RSF Album.



    22.11.2016 | Portrait of Swiss politician Andreas Gross for NZZ FOLIO. A small feature I photographed about the little village Schelten can be found in this issue too.

  • Grant


    10.10.2016 | Very happy to announce that I am the recipient of the «Stipendium für bildende Kunst, Fotografie und Architektur 2016/2017» grant from the Canton of Bern. The grant will allow me to continue my work about the Russian north.