Mikhailovna Called (signed)
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The Book «Mikhailovna Called» combines three projects about Russias far north. The photographs in the book were taken during a number of trips to Teriberka, Dikson and Norilsk from 2012–2018. With texts from Sascha Renner, Urs Mannhart, Roman Konik, Tanja Achlomova and Misha Danov.


Mikhailovna Called (signed)


  • Beat Schweizer’s three-part documentary is a warm-hearted survey of special living conditions and how these are dealt with. His long-term project presents us with forms of existence which, beyond the anecdotal, provide profound insight into human life. With his systematic view, he brings out the general in the individual and the individual in the general, but also reveals a keen eye for comedy, tragedy and absurdity – a finely-tuned sensorium for the anomalies of everyday life.

    Sascha Renner, Director at COALMINE and deputy director of the Fotostiftung Schweiz

    No matter how dark the night, how stark the winter, this curve is consistently enveloped – like a humming sound – by a delicate sheen; possibly a light from prehistoric times, perhaps the glimmering of an affable, gradually approaching future.

    Urs Mannhart, writer

  • But, basically, everything’s fine. We Russians have a saying that “hope dies last”. It’s why we keep hoping that life will be better some day. I’ll stop here because if I remember everything, it will fill a whole book of its own.

    Roman Konik, lives in Teriberka, Russia

    For me, Dikson’s my home. I don’t want to leave. I’ve been to the mainland on holiday. I was there for a bit and then I wanted to come home. I’m just so used to everything here and when you go to the mainland after being here a long time, nothing seems right over there, it’s like being on another planet.

    Tanja Achlomova, lives in Dikson, Russia

    What will tomorrow bring? Dunno. You’ve got to live in the present. The past’s gone and when the future comes, it’ll be the present. Is there any point putting any hope in it?

    Misha Danov, lives in Norilsk, Russia

Mikhailovna Called (signed)
Mikhailovna Called (signed)
Mikhailovna Called (signed)
Mikhailovna Called (signed)
Mikhailovna Called (signed)
Mikhailovna Called (signed)
Mikhailovna Called (signed)

Book Information

  • Titel:
    Mikhailovna Called

    Beat Schweizer

    Sascha Renner, Urs Mannhart, Roman Konik, Tanja Achlomova, Mischa Danov

    Publishing House:
    Kehrer Verlag

    B&R (Dimitri Reist & Noah Bonsma)

    Languages: English, Russian, German

    Slawa Gorodetskiy, Luzia Böni, Melanie Moore

    Softcover with Dustjacket
    24x28 cm | 184 Pages
    94 color and 27 b/w Illustrations

    ISBN: 978-3-86828-900-8

    With kind support of:
    Kultur Kanton Bern | Kultur Stadt Bern | Burgergemeinde Bern | COALMINE

  • Publication:
    December 20, 2018

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